They are of all kinds and overlap so into each other that it is impossible to present them separately and orderly manner.

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Natural Method The Bohec pedagogical principles> natural method teaching techniques> mathematical creation in natural Method Paul Le Bohec can be from anything, provided the collective thought be built. The components of the natural method Deep novelty and wisdom of this method is to enroll in a paradigm of complexity. It is based on an overall assessment of knowledge. Thus, a thousand things arise when we practice.

They are of all kinds and overlap so into each other that it is impossible to present them separately and orderly manner. In the pages that follow, we should expect to find a bit of everything. First, dominant, the emotions everywhere as essential catalyst for learning.

But also fun, creation of the drive, the joys of knowledge, group events, individualized paths, both sexes of the spirit, the pursuit of power through knowledge, the benefits of community work, diversity situations and characters, dialectical wisdom-madness … Paul Le Bohec mathematical free text, p.13, ed. ICEM Natural mathematical method For me, this is only expression-creation.

Ultimately, I do not care about math. It’s the whole being may be interested in the game aspect, experimentation, chance to close out its problems by repetition compulsion gradually wearing down the point of extinction, like a stamp that gradually deinks force repeat the stamping without renewing the supply of ink … by fancy splurge, provocation by only oral intervention on the creation of others, awareness, expansion following the intervention group, presumptuously by dazzling intuition …

I have no didactic intention, but I am ready to accept everything. And there is does your homework for you
a pleasure, a joy to discover, to work together on the same subject or object, extend, take the following foot against his psychological nature, the state in which we are at this point -There, the state is the group at that time, its history, the state of the society, the mathematical ontogenesis summarizing phylogeny … well beings can fully manifest itself in a living group in dialectical development.

And in addition, it acquires, it includes amounts concepts because one them is rebuilt. This is not primarily math, but taking into account the complexity. This is really when I extended the natural method to the field of mathematics education I could propose the definition: “Expression-creation and communication in a positive group. “Never, as in this instance, I could not understand at this point the role of the group.

Until then, I had guess is that in collective oral creation and when experimenting on the tongue. But here is even clearer because children are all producers and, as they are tied to know, they almost all involved in the creative review.

They are shocked, they react against the excesses, the impossibilities, the flaws in reasoning, anything that hits the evidence … and timid, low-assured, confident of their de-void are astonished to see all that the group was able to find a setting that they had done like that, without thinking. And the brightest, most policyholders are surprised to see the trick of those they thought they had managed to jam in their reasoning.

The beneficial game of prey and predator is often played: finding subterfuges invented impossibilities which appear often gaps. It is believed to have driven the other into a corner, but it opens a space and escapes by expanding the rule of the game We must define the rules beforehand. 5-8, it is not possible: but if, in Z, with negative numbers as on the thermometer or the clock.

Looks like the kids to retrace the journey of humanity that has continually expanded its area by introducing zero, the relative numbers, rational, irrational, imaginary … It’s a starter and a progressive exploration mathematical world. Paul Le Bohec The restorative school destinies?, P.89 and p.90, Harmattan Add Comment

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20: July 10, 1935 Opening of the School Freinet Vence Attend our Congress Angers subscriptions contest in favor of a broad movement Parents Proletariens C.FREINET 3 Esperanto summer School BOURGUIGNON CEL discs PAGES The phonograph and the school song G.TIMMORY FSC 465: Lament of FSC 466 birds: Hello! FSC 467: Grand’Mere The bunnies FSC 468: Christmas! See the entire number in pdf Authors: A. Pages, Freinet, G. Timmory Honore Bourguignon and Y. Pages Print

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In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in February 1950 All beings are defending the same principles against the authority that the flange or the dangers that threaten them. The dung beetle, which you steer to the passage pretending to rob him of his ball, stops and plays dead to fearlessly leave as soon as he feels the past danger.

The dog you scold drop ears and longer, with a resigned air, his head between his legs. He plays dead. But once you have turned back, he wakes cautiously opens an anxious eye and hand at full speed on the forbidden track.

Act like you’re dead ! This is the advice given, in blue, the old familiar with military rules. As soon as the Adjutant gone, our freedom! Act like you’re dead ! repeat dunce experienced its still zealous neighbor who would ask, at the risk of extending the lesson and complicate tasks. Act like you’re dead ! apparently passively accept a law middle there is danger to clash head … Do not say anything, it’s not your business! …

Let the master fend! … Play dead! advise educators engaged in the rolling mill routine … You’re not going to bother us again with your questions, your innovations and your experiences … Never mind the monks and take our game well! …

But when the dung beetle roll his ball, when the dog leave, fearless in pursuit of game; when the soldier benefit, away from the fire and the adjutant, a break too sparingly calculated; when the scholar, fleeing the school rule, realized through fields, on the roads and in the woods, at least in part of his dreams; when the teacher has regained the forces that come to a new understanding of the dynamism of its educational function, then you will see what can arouse activity and daring a life the great law is, nevertheless, to triumph.

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